Zynga poker tricks to win

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zynga poker tricks to win

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  • Zynga Poker Tips - How to Win at Zynga Poker
  • Getting Free Chips From Zynga Poker
  • At zynga, I have a pitiful k in bank at one time close to k.

    zynga poker tricks to win

    But that was all earned thru playing, not buying chips. I dont gamble at all, not at the casino or for fun with my friends.

    It will be interesting to see when i try your guide. In the section: Patience. What is AhTc and 4d Ts? I also dont get TT KT in the section: using your position to your advantage. Is the flop when the first 3 cards open? So AhTc is ace of hearts and ten of clubs. TT and KT refer to a pair of tens and king and a ten. Yes the flop is when the first three cards come, then the turn and river. That sad girl up there gave me and my pops some good laughs.

    So ignorant and mad at the world.

    As to you Blog, you are spot on and everything here. Since employing these tactics by bankroll is healthy and constantly growing though I will admit that every once in a while I like to talk a million bucks to a big blind table and just freaking gamble.

    Folding and folding and folding was really hard for me at first. I read the newspaper or a blog while playing or talk to friends on chat. It helps me a whole lot. Well nice guide! Ill sure try it out. One small advice for the people who wanna try this. Do it at shootout or sit and go cos as u wait the idiots generally take each other out. Once u get into the top 3 u wil surely win something!!! Do that until gricks 5th flip and people generally assume you have a weak hand, then double call the amount they raise.

    It makes me more than if I just raised right on the flop, as more players would fold, and assume I have the better hand. Other than that, I have to disagree pokre a lot of your technique involving not raising pre-flop with anything less than the best hands. If there are only 3 players remaining, or playing, for example, a hand like K4 would be great.

    I have m chips right now and my technique is to just stick to sitngos and rely on probability to determine when to raise, call, check, and fold.

    Chances of getting flushes, straights, etc based on your hand. You are so completely right about the checking with a very strong hand! I have won the majority of my stash from doing exactly that!

    Because If you zyngz on the flop tricks say you have A,K suited and the flop zynga Q,J,10 of win same suit, for the best example people assume zynga have nothing or a pair or some other junk. Then the turn is a 7 of any wi.

    Raise on that! You will lure those fools into their own demise! Hi, Just read your blog, just wkn say I completely agree with u, and poker completely share ur experience. This is the only way to win trucks Zynga poker. I use this method tricks by doing rticks else online like reading this blog. Then when I hear the ding I poker my hand and rricks always fold. When I am in I have top hole cards and if I hit the flop I usually win….

    Sat down at my current table with 4 mil and in the time it took to read this blog I have folded zhnga but 3 hands and zynag have 5.

    Patience is the name of the Zynga game…read a book…surf the net…watch tv…do anything other than sit and watch the table. Like most people who win this I appreciate the effort you put into this.

    Win have to say though I must be the unluckiest person on zynga. Had AA lost to Next good hand AQ no A or Q came up in the middle lost to pair 8s. Those are just a few examples!! Also I fold hands then sit and watch as I would have won.

    So do you have any tips? Zyng am I just unlucky?? You always want to tricks and get someone else to go all in with you poker AA. My advice is always play hands aggressively. If you start trying to check raise with large zyngz, people will either start noticing and tricks pay you off by folding out, or you are win to let other players zynga out to beat your pair.

    When I wrote the previous message 7 days ago I had about 25 million in chips. Now I have million. So, it does zynga. When you follow the formula correctly. My handle there is tspoker if you ever want to discuss poker. I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble.

    Your strategy is pretty solid. I disagree to an extent trickks its really different than cash games. I play at casinos quite frequently and poker the exact same strategy as on Zynga and I typically have positive and profitable results in both. Most of what u said is pretty accurate. All the best hands I stated above with the exception of lower suited zyhga should be raised to around 6x the big blind preflop.

    Like you said position will make or break you. Also important to understand pot odds and implied odds to a lesser extent. Only bluff when you are in position last trifks act and everyone checked, and if you wln preflop.

    The only problem here is if someone limps in and catches a hand and tries to slow play it. This is when you need to be able to read your opponents.

    I have read this post a few times now.

    This is a discussion on The secret way to beat zynga poker. within the online poker forums, in the Poker Rooms section; Whether or not zynga's rng is 'true' it's definitely not rigged for any. Jul 22,  · If you’ve been looking for tips on how to win at Zynga Hold ‘Em Poker, you’ve come to the right place. We have a comprehensive system for winning. There’s no cheats involved, just real strategy talk about the skills you need to master play money poker. there is no money in Zynga. Zynga says Zynga Poker is for entertainment and. Apr 27,  · Before we begin I see a lot of blogs try and attempt to explain winning strategy in Zynga No Limit Hold 'Em Poker on Facebook, the secrets of Zynga poker, the Zynga poker "cheats", etc., but the problem is that they try too much to adapt real money strategies into the play money game of.

    Passed it to friends who follow the suggested guidelines. I have always had a large amount of chips in excess of mill a lot of which were bought as I tricks loads of time to play after an op or two. My friends and I seem to have long periods of really bad luck. They all started with a couple of hundred chips win all got over or very close to 3 poker in chips over many days constant play. Then it all turned around.

    No matter what hands or how they played them, zynga all lost.

    Zynga Poker Tips - How to Win at Zynga Poker

    poker One friend in particular even lost with 4oak win I have never seen that happen in 30 years of playing poker. I have been playing on the site for a long time now and am yet win go to a table and win from the get go. I played for 4 hours last night and lost 26 million poker things win around for me. I ended with a desperate bid on a K table and and won 28 mill in one hand and tricks the table.

    My friends are all still considering whether to tricks playing. They dislike the way the game flows and the way they all seem to lose at the same time. They share a large house and the same SP. Their conclusion is that zynga controls winning percentage by IP addresses, as none of them has been able to maintain their chips and some of them are very good players.

    They told me of a guy running a bot from a well known site of a similar name that was programmed to play only top hands with all zynga bets on high stake tables up to K. He won over a billion chips in a few weeks. They saw the records he downloaded from each nights play as poker. He did play manually to deliberately lose the vast majority of the chips won zynga he only wanted to prove a point.

    Despite my large chip stack, I stick or at least try to tables of 20K or below as I still hate zynga lose…. Thanks for tricks your ideas.

    I have a question I just one on my previous poler and zynga never gave me the credit how do I get in touch with them??? I just started playing and tight agressive play was my style naturally even before I read up on poker styles and learned what it was.

    zynga poker tricks to win

    I agree with these strategy rules pretty much. It seems poker me that some people are nuts because it is fake money, but you can sense win pretty quickly. If I have to leave and find another table I tgicks so until one seems like it has some good players. Some of us are trying tomdo that fake money or not. Firstly, thanks for creating a place where people can discuss the idiosyncrasies of Zynga poker. I like to bet often and vary the size pokeg bets.

    Far more satisfying! If some muppet joins zhnga game who wants to play bingo, then just tell them to fuck off. However, I too have seen the unusual behaviour exhibited by the game. I expect bad beats every time I play but some do look a bit suspicious. Fuckin as I get a good hand and no signal, my ass, never had a problem with service here, hmmmmmm. I read your blog which was spot on IMO as that is how I play as well.

    You used your valuable time to help others. I felt someone needed to point one important key component. You actually said something about it in your blog. See what each players betting style is. This is such an important aspect to your zynga it should not be over looked. The more observant you are tdicks better it will give you an edge even in online poker.

    If they see they can push you around by flashing a fat stack of chips they will most certainly use that to their advantage. Once Zynga saw that I started making changes and now i play tight — aggressive most of the time and my game has improved dramatically. Any seasoned poker player will tell you that aggressive players tend to have a lot more success than passive players.

    I hope this helps some of the newbies out there. I am not really convinced loker this article. You mention you currently at least as of the time of writing this article play at the k BuyIn, which is a pretty low-stakes table, so while you say that your strategy works, I am not sure it has. You also mention that you should only play on 6 pre-flop hands. Unfortunately, it will prove nearly impossible to make money this way. As you wait for the ideal hand, you will gradually be drained by the blinds.

    This means that every time you have tricks of those ideal hands, poker will need to win an average of between 3 and 4 times the big blind each time, which is pretty win considering that you are still not going to win most of the time that you have one of those ideal hands. The last thing I would disagree with is the notion that people will always call raises. This is true on relatively low states like k BuyIn. This is because it is possible to spend real money to buy Zynga money.

    In order to amass hundreds of millions of Zynga dollars, you must either spend real money or play the game a lot and time tricks money, too.

    When you have that much money and are betting millions, it is no longer something that players casually disregard. You will see the game asymptotically approaching true poker in terms of frequency of betting and folding as the stakes get higher. I have seen this already at the 4M and 8M tables, and I tdicks confident it becomes even more true at the higher stakes tables.

    Here are some strategies I have used. First, I always play on a table with the max BuyIn no greater than half of my total money.

    This allows me to have high wij winnings relative to my current total money, and as long as I can remember to drop down a level after a string of bad luck, I am never in danger of losing it all. Second, I tricks a win less conservative in which hands I play. You do not want to encourage people to fold if you have a much higher chance zynga winning than they qin.

    Next, hands to call the blinds with: In Poker, there are 14 ranked values of cards, and therefore the top 7 ranked cards are higher than average. If I have any 2 cards both 8 or higher, I will call the poker. So K9d is solid to call.

    Once you get about 10, chips, you can start to play proper strategy. A bankroll is the total amount of chips you have to play with.

    Getting Free Chips From Zynga Poker

    In this case, it will be the total amount in your Zynga poker account. In real money poker, the suggested bankroll for cash games is about 15 times the buy in for risky players who are starting out and want to build their stake. It is OK to use a risky range since this is play money. However, we recommend about 10 buy-ins for Zynga poker. trocks

    While skill is a huge part of poker, a player will lose a trjcks hand and even a buy-in or two tricks to getting unlucky. This WILL happen and there is nothing you can do zynga get around it. What you CAN do is play in a way to reduce your variance. The biggest protection fo getting unlucky is proper bankroll management.

    If you do this, you will have a much smaller chance of going broke. Ever see players whose highest chip zynga was 10 Million ro and now they only have a few hundred thousand chips or none at all? They likely practiced poor bankroll management and poker odds caught win with them.

    Losing all your chips can be frustrating and take the fun out of the game. However, this is easily avoided by using the simple rules of bankroll management. After all, you want to learn how to be a better poker player, right? Proper bankroll management is the first step. Most tables are loose passive pre-flop, which is actually quite good even in real money games. Loose means winn players tricks play a lot of different hands, including low ranking hands pre-flop even after raises. Passive means that when large bets are on win table there are rarely poker re-raises, even when players are holding AA, KK or other big hands.

    If you are in early position, raise times the big blind. If you are in late t, just go all in.

    If you did not go all in pre-flop, go all in on the flop poker you have top pair to the board. Of course Win is always top pair, so shove on the flop. Poker, 10 Raise times the big blind. If you have top pair zyngga the board, go all-in or make huge bets times the pot, whichever is bigger. Otherwise you are looking for sets or one card straights. You are looking for a set. If it happens that you do have top pair to the board, go all-in or make large bets like with JJ or 10 You can call with nearly any two cards pre-flop for small bets, but I generally like any kind of connects QK, 56, 79 suited or not, or any suited cards, and of course the stronger zynga like pocket pairs and AK, AQ as well.

    Again, you can play a huge range here. There is no use trying to bluff pre-flop to pick up blinds as there will tricks at least one caller a majority of the time. If you pick up a high suited connector AK, AQ, KQ, etc raising it up 7 times the big blind should narrow down the zybga a bit.

    To protect your possible tricks pair if you hit from garbage two pairs and other possible hands. December 1, winzyngapoker Leave a comment. July 25, winzyngapoker 54 comments. Click here for the post Is Zynga Poker rigged?

    Good question that we win most likely never know zynga answer to. Zynga says Zynga Poker is for entertainment and action flops are certainly entertaining. In fact, in one of my hands 4 players went all in on the flop, with middle set, top set, oesfd, and nut flush draw.

    So unless we hear word directly from Zynga, I fear we will never know, and the most we can do is just play our hands and continue to hope for the best. Categories: Is Zynga Poker Rigged? Categories: Bankroll Management. Older Entries. Want to learn some real strategy? Comment on my new article here trlcks.

    Top Blog at Poked. How to win at Zynga Poker.

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      Zynga poker is a wildly popular Facebook based game, boasting 35 million users worldwide. It is somewhat unique among free poker platforms as it offers players the ability to flaunt their money by tipping the dealer, buying avatars, purchasing gifts like drinks and cigars for themselves and even other players.

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